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Our Capacity

Our specifications

Vertical Boring Webster & Bennett 36″ Table
Webster & Bennett 54″ elevating rail (1.5M under rail)
Webster & Bennett 72” elevating rail (84” max swing x 1.1M under rail)
Horizontal Boring Cornac X-1000mm x Y-1000mm x Z-1100mm travel
Kearns Richards X-1200mm x Y-1500mm x Z-1000mm travel
Kearns Richards X-2750mm x Y-1500mm x Z-1200mm travel
Milling Noble & Lund X-3000mm X Y-1000mm x Z-1000mm travel
Excel X-850mm x Y-500mm x Z-500mm travel
Grinding Jones-Shipman X-1000mm x Y-500mm Surface Grinder
Drilling Asquith 0D2 7’ Radial Arm Drill
Asquith 0D1 6’ Radial Arm Drill
Kitchen & Wade 3’ Radial Arm Drill
Asquith 4 spindle drill
Turning Binns & Berry 36” swing x 4000mm bc
Colchester 24” swing x 2000mm bc
XYZ 24” swing x 2000mm bc
Colchester 12” swing x 1000mm bc
Ward 7DS turret 5.250” spindle bore Prelector
D.S.G 14” swing X 1250mm bc
Excel XL50 Dia 500mm Swing x 1500mm bc
Sawing Forte 10” capacity auto band saw
Bauer 15”( 400mm) capacity
C.N.C Turning D.S.G centre lathe Dia 600mm swing x 1500mm bc Phillips Control
Doosan S390C Dia 450mm Swing x 800mm bc Fanuc Control
Hitachi Seiki Chucker 150mm Swing
C.N.C M/C CTRS HAAS VF4 Vertical Machining centre, Fanuc Control
Okuma OSP Twin Pallet Horizontal Machining Centre,
400mm x 400mm pallet
Yang 1000 x 500 Vertical Machining centre, Fanuc Control
HAAS VF2 Vertical Machining centre, Fanuc Control *New addition*
INSPECTION CMM 700mm x 700mm Table

We have various other specialist machine tools i.e drill grinders up to 3” etc.

FABRICATION Full range of water cooled MIG welding sets up to 550amps
TIG welding for stainless steels and aluminium.
Plasma cutting up to 25mm plate.
Press Break, 80 tonnes
HANDLING Over head cranes 3-5 tonnes
Fork truck 3 tonne